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Rwanda Men's Resource Centre

Fidel Rutayisire, Founder and President of Rwanda Men's Resource Centre, November 2006

Founder and President: Fidel Rutayisire
Avenue de l'armée, PO Box 3286
Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: 00250 571039,571788,
Fax: 00250571787
Official Website:

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Recent News...
Brazil, Chile, Rwanda and India: Proving What Works in Engaging Men
from United Nations Development Fund for Women

It is obvious that engaging men is vital to ending violence against women. But what works best to get them involved? What persuades them to change their attitudes? Will they change their actual behaviours? Providing answers to these questions would be invaluable to the growing number of anti-violence initiatives for men that are springing up around the world. A UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women project involving organizations in Brazil, Chile, Rwanda and India is setting out to do just that. Read more...

Recent News...
RWAMREC Coordinates Workshop to Launch MenEngage Network in Rwanda

Like-minded men gathered in Kigali on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 for a one-day workshop organized by Fidel Rutayisire, founder and Chairman of Rwanda Men's Resource Centre (RWAMREC) to discuss how men could join their sisters in the fight against gender-based violence (GBV).

The meeting, which was held at the Novotel Hotel, was attended by 65 particpants from different institutions including Ministries, UN agencies, International NGOs, and civil society organizations. The group approved a budget, officially launched the MenEngage Network in Rwanda, and adopted its 2009 action plan.

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Mission: To mobilize Rwandan men to support women’s leadership, end men’s violence and act as role models for positive masculinity.

Vision: The vision of the Rwanda Men's Resource Center is to have a peaceful society where women and men share responsibilities for raising families and governing society in equality and respect.


  • Establish a Men’s Resource centre that will strive to prevent violence in Rwanda through men,
  • Promote Men’s attitudes and behaviors towards non-violence and gender equality in Rwanda,
  • Building synergy between men and women for effective prevention of Domestic Violence,
  • Facilitate networking, support, and information sharing between men and women,
  • Provide general Resources through research on Domestic Violence.

Motto: Men and Women in Peace can build Rwanda

Values: As a Gender Sensitive Men’s organization:

  • We believe in the equality of men and women.
  • We believe that men are naturally loving, caring and sensitive.
  • We believe that there are non-violent, non-abusive, and non-controlling means of solving problems and conflicts.
  • We believe that individuals, relationships, families, institutions, and the community at large need to change with respect to gender roles.
  • We support and reflect the values of equality, diversity, nonviolence, healthy spiritual connectedness.
  • Being a better man means being the man you want to be.
  • Powerful men do not need to hurt or blame others.
  • Men can practice compassion and non-violence.


  • Networking with like-minded organizations to ensure steady growth.
  • Multi-Media involvement: Print & Electronic, community theatre, Publications, handbills, posters, floating of a Newsletter.
  • Neutralize gender conflicts through understanding, respecting, and valuing the contributions of each gender.
  • Develop a Rwandan men’s pledge against violence and collecting signatures for an advertisement to be published in the newspaper.
  • Conduct a survey about attitudes towards masculinity and violence.
  • Organize a mentoring program for adult men to support young men in healing from violence and developing positive masculinity.
  • Provide workshops for children in schools about respect and abuse in relationships.
  • Collaborate with women’s organizations to organize/support a rally and/or march against violence.
  • Encourage recognition in the community of the effects of male violence.
  • Religious Involvement: Working with Faith Based Organizations.

The Stand and the Pledge:

I understand...

  • That what I do and say can either encourage or discourage stereotypes that can
    lead to gender based violence.
  • That gender based violence can happen to anyone.
  • That men and women are victims of gender based violence.
  • That gender based violence can be prevented.
  • That the overwhelming number of sexual offenders is men.
  • That real men don't use their power to rape.
  • That men must play a critical role in breaking the cycle of gender based violence.

So, I promise...

  • To take a stand and never commit, condone, accept, or stay silent about gender based violence.
  • To challenge other men to recognize that they can be powerful without making
    others powerless.
  • To encourage all men to work together with women, using their collective voices and
    resources to END gender based violence in Rwanda.

If you are interested in pledging your financial support to Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre, please email us at : We shall contact you within two days. Your greatly appreciated financial support will help fund our continuing statewide programs intended to include men in working toward eliminating gender based violence in all forms.

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