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Daughters of Virtue and Empowerment

Chief Mrs. Ugo Nnachi, Director of DOVENET
November 2006

Founded: 2001
149/151A, Hilltop Road, P. O. Box 794, Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Founder/Director: Chief Mrs. Ugo Nnachi

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Daughters of Virtue and Empowerment Initiative (DOVENET) is an independent women-driven non-governmental organization.

DOVENET was established in 2001 in Ebonyi State Nigeria to strengthen and empower women and young people to make them confident contributors to development, working under a five point thematic agenda:

  1. Human Rights, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
  2. Networking and Coalition Building
  3. Training and Capacity Building for women, men and young people in Democracy and Governance
  4. Community Development
  5. Reproductive Health/HIV/AIDS

Our Vision: a world in which women and young people are given a voice through elimination of violence to guarantee effective contribution to the development of their areas.

Our methods include organizing Training Workshops; Civic Education; Social and Legislative Advocacy; Library/Resource Centre Services; Research and Publication; and Enlightenment Campaigns.

DOVENET has been involved in human rights issues since inception — especially women’s rights — and has collaborated with other Women’s Right organizations within and outside the country to address the issue of Violence Against Women and developing a peaceful society.

Gender Based Violence has become a major challenge not only in Nigeria but all over the world. This is because violence against women knows no boundaries of culture, age, class, ethnicity and creed.

Issues of violence against women are often trivialized and termed a domestic matter leading to its perpetuation. DOVENET has continued to create awareness on this issue by educating women to stand up for their rights. Earlier initiatives on Elimination of Gender Based Violence have been women-centered but it has been discovered that because men are largely the perpetrators of violence, it becomes necessary that men should contribute to its elimination. It was against this backdrop that DOVENET after attending the Beijing + 10 Conference in 2005 and listening to Men’s Initiatives in the United States, decided to engage gender-sensitive men and women to set up the Ebonyi Men’s Resource Centre in July 2005.

It is our vision to not only build the capacity of members and community members but to construct a befitting Men’s Resource Centre where women and men and boys will be trained in skills on Advocacy, Conflict Resolution and Seminars for Media and other strategic groups in eliminating gender based violence. The centre will also serve as a drop in centre for men who need to calm their nerves and receive some counseling. The centre will also help in training mentees on gender issues to help them develop positive masculinity.

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Updates and Activities

21 July 2008 | DOVENET Executive Director Participates in First Nigerian Feminist Forum in Abuja, Nigeria.
Sent by founder/director: Chief Mrs. Ugo Nnachi

The first Nigeria feminist forum, which took place in Abuja, was a historical gathering of Nigerian feminist thinkers, practitioners and activists. The forum is a space for reflections and dialogue on the challenges facing the Nigerian women's movement and feminist activities.

The forum featured critical dialogue and brought to the fore the need for us to stop diluting our language and agenda, and to stop being apologetic about our choices, our dreams and our vision of justice.

The theme for the conference was “Re-positioning ourselves.” The Executive Director of DOVENET presented a paper, Protecting Women Rights, from Rhetoric to Actuality: Moving from Text to Implementation.

The conference brought together women activists including the Executive Director of African Women's Development Fund (ADWF), Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi and Executive Director of Alliances for Africa, Ihuoma Obibi, among others.


June 2008 | DOVENET Current Projects
Sent by founder/director: Chief Mrs. Ugo Nnachi

The five year project with global fund as a sub sub recipient on Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization (ACSM) community member on reduction of Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS has continued to move to several Local Governments. Currently, nine (9) LGA’s out 13 LGA’s of Ebonyi state have so far benefited from the sensitization.

In June 2008, Ohaozara and Ezza South Local Government Area were covered with encouraging acceptance.

DOVENET also won a sub sub grant from Global Fund Round Four on Malaria through Society for Family Health (SFH) on Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization on Malaria and Need to use Insecticide treated nets [ITN] for pregnant women and under 5 children in communities. DOVENET is working in Ebonyi LGA and the project is on-going.


27 December 2007 | DOVENET Micro Credit Scheme Continues to Impact Ebonyi Women.
Sent by founder/director: Chief Mrs. Ugo Nnachi

With the support of funds donated by friends and supporters of DOVENET, A Micro Credit Scheme was established and loans given out to twenty (20) women who have continued to be appreciative of the gesture. Small loans were given to women to trade on food items, Local Catering, Small shops, etc. On the 27th of December 2007, a review meeting was held to monitor progress of the women. In their reactions and exact words, the loan was a life saver that has given hope of a better tomorrow to them and their children.

Their testimonies have inspired the Executive Director of DOVENET to increase the loans to $2,000 annually to benefit more women. 27th December every year has also been set aside as a review day for loan beneficiaries.

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